Friday, March 9, 2012

A lazy (and sunny ) day in Paris

Temperatures were chilly but the sun shone brightly...and that made all the difference in the world. It might still officially be Winter, but Spring is in the air... What a great day to be in Paris!

View from one of our windows....netting keeps the birds away!

Two views of the kitchen...small but with everything we need to prepare simple (and even sometimes more than simple) meals...

Sunglasses anyone? Larry especially likes the "film" version --- fifth from the top.

On Haussman the Au Printemps (Department) Store in all its ornate glory....Look at those gleaming turrets.

Across the street and down a bit, the main store of Galleries Lafayette is even more "over the top" with a beautiful stained glass dome and four floors of glitter and lights...and, of course, fashionable merchandise.

Boulevard Lafayette goes on and on and on....

Beautiful roses......the city is full of amazing flower shops --- big and small.

The moving sidewalk at Montparnasse-Bienevenu is nearly a block long...

The hands of tradition --- and the appeal of Coke. The baguette from this nearby bakery was just the thing to complete our meal of salad and cheese.

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