Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Paris, 2012....Finally a post

Ok, ok, so we start with a photo that is so typical touristy, but hey, it is really a very impressive structure. Skies have been cloudy but the temperatures have been warm --- too warm for Winter coats. Oh well, we're never prepared for this....

The fountains were flowing --- and although it may not look very busy, Paris in February is hopping....at least by our standards. We'd love to be here in Spring or Fall....but it might be too crowded...likely.

Getting around by rail is incredibly easy --- buy a pass, get a map and you're on your way to just about anywhere in the city with no problems. We're two blocks from a RER (regional rail) line and a block from the Vivan Metro stop. Sweet!

Our neighborhood bakery --- Julien --- is one of three owned by one of this city's many award-winning bakers. Saturday we'll get a chance to see "inside" another Julien shop on a tour sponsored by the Bread Bakers Guild of America. Everywhere you look there's an interesting building....this one not far from Les Halles Forum.

Bread, pastries, and lunch items --- lots of sandwiches, pizza, and paninnis ---- are big business at Paris bakeries. We'd love to offer some of these items at the market, but we just don't have time to prepare everything. Looking for flowers? You'll find spectacular outdoor displays all around town....just be prepared with a full wallet --- beauty doesn't come cheap.

And then there are clothes --- for men, women and kids. These sports coats may be a bit bright for Whidbey Island...but they are incredibly well tailored. There are hundreds --- maybe thousands --- of small, boutique clothing stores for women and kids --- absolutely wonderful fashions...again...bring a bag of cash...a stylist outfit for a three-year-old can easily run $350.

No coconut in these Parisian/French macaroons. They're available in all colors/flavors almost everywhere you look.

Sorry folks...for now, that's about it. We'll be posting from time to time...but by the time we get back from a busy day "on the town," we're exhausted and ready for bed... Morning comes early and there's always something new to explore....

Monday, February 13, 2012