Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Celebrate The 4th With Us

4th of July Party Cakes (white or chocolate)... and there's more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Five-Seed Multigrain and South Whidbey Sourdough

Challah... Plain, Sesame or Poppy Seed

Danish Kringle... this is the week!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ANZAC Biscuits and Coconut Macaroons

 Holiday Sugar Cookies

Sunday, June 19, 2011

We Will NOT Be Baking This Week But...

Join us again for the big Holiday Weekend, July 2nd for a full line up of your favorite Tree-Top Breads and Pastries.
Check back next week for our Fresh Baked List

In the meantime, here are some non-bakery related photos taken around the bakery this summer

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Father's Day and Graduation Weekend

It's Father's Day weekend and we've got a special cake for your favorite dad or's a moist two-layer yellow cake with chocolate buttercream and topped with toffee candy....ummm...what a delicious treat!  And this weekend we also bring back an old favorite ---  Walnut-Raisin Wheat....a scrumptious bread that pairs wonderfully with fresh goat cheese from fellow vendor Vicky Brown of Little Brown Farm. Stop by for a sample this week.

: We will not be at the market Saturday June 25. Will return with a gigantic lineup of holiday breads, pastries and cakes on July 2

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

New Breads This Week...

 This Week @ Tree-Top Baking...

This week we bake for the first time this year Sprouted Spelt.  It is very similar to our very popular Sprouted Wheat.  The Sprouted Wheat has a slightly pronounced nutty (richer) flavor then the wheat.

The process start out with "sprouting" the spelt berries for two days.  They are ready as soon as the grain can be easily broken, but long before there is any visual "sprouting".  If the grain was let fully sprout, the natural enzymes in the berry will basically "eat" the gluten resulting in a... well lets say brick.

Spelt berries soaking... day one.

Dough just coming together.

Dough fully mixed.

Final product!!!

Friday, June 3, 2011

New Items This Week...

Late Spring On The Bird Feeder
Our pair posing for photos... 
 We are introducing a few new items this week...
Sunflower Rye: This bread is a heavy dense "toothsome" rye with toasted sunflower seeds inside and rolled in more.  This bread will be baked in  unusual pans we got while in  Australia.
They are much deeper but narrower and shorter than the US made pans.  They make a really cool loaf of bread! 

Portuguese Sweet Bread: A soft sweet round bread (also known as Hawaiian Sweet Bread), The bread is usually served simply with butter and is sometimes eaten with meals (breakfast in particular), but often as a dessert. Portuguese sweet bread is common in both Hawaiian cuisine and New England cuisine as it was brought to those regions by their large Portuguese immigrant populations. (photo to come)

New South Wales Banana Caramel Cake: New South Wales Banana-Caramel Cake. This moist, perfect Summer sour cream cake includes whole wheat and white flours and lots of ripe bananas. It's topped with a brown-sugar caramel icing. Wow!