Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Europain 2012, Paris France.... The Competition

We had great intentions --- but things seem to have gotten in the way. We had planned to blog frequently...but that hasn't (obviously) happened. So, today we play catch-up. The main reason we're in France is to attend Europain, one of the largest (if not the largest) baking expositions in Europe. As members of the Bread Bakers Guild of America, we're also here to cheer on the American team competing in the prestigious Couple du Monde de la Boulangerie --- Bakery world Cup. Team USA --- including Pacific Northwestener Jeremy Gadauos (who's worked at bakeries in Seattle and Sonohomish) competed Monday against teams from Senegal, South Koren and Sweeden. Competition began Sunday (when the French team competed with three other countries) continues Tuesday and winners will be announced Wednesday.

The Coupe de Monde de la Boulangerie is one of three large food competitions at Europain. Others are among gourmet chefs  and chocolate/candy makers.

The beginnings of the Team USA artistic piece created by Team member Harry Peemoeller (of North Carolina).

Taking shape, the nearly finished amazing showpiece titled "Wild, Wild West," included a cactus, western hat, railroad engine, wanted poster, wagon wheel and windmill....  The piece was made entirely from dough and/or seeds and colors from spices.

Master Baker Mike Zakowski, Sonoma, CA, arranges breads he created during an intense eight-hour period of time Monday.

Hundreds lined the production area to try to catch a glimpse -- and taste of -- breads and pastries created by the team.

Jeremy's beautiful croissants were as delicious to taste as they were beautiful to behold. They were light and exceptionally delicate. They "shattered" just right!

The finished artistic piece

Mike smiles --- his work done for the day.

A camera lens trying for a different shot.

Look at the delicate layers of pastry in this pain au chocolate.

Crowds inch closer to watch judging by bakers from countries without teams in the competition.

Peemoeller explains the theme of his piece.

Larry (left) and our friend (and bread/bakery blogger and translator) Marie-Claude speak with Parisian boulanger Jean-Pierre Cohier during a tour of his bakery on rue du Faubourg. Cohier and his staff produce exceptional products --- including prize-winning baguettes---in a tiny space that has us rethinking just how lucky we are to have what would be considered a "roomy" bakery.

NEXT POST: More bakery tour picture.

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  1. Croissants! Pain au chocolat! Thanks for sharing here on Whidbey Island (it snowed last night!), it's my virtual breakfast. Blogging on the road takes more time and energy than one imagines ... thanks for the lovely post!