Monday, May 28, 2012

Pizza, Dough That Is....

Last Saturday we introduced a new product and wow...was it a hit! And this week we'll be doing even more. We brought 20 packages of Tree-Top Fresh Pizza Dough to the market and sold it within two hours. (We'll give a lot of the credit for the sales to a demo by Chef Neil Colburn and friend Camile LaTray). The demo -- and the pizza dough was a success. This week we'll bring a second variety of dough --- Cracked Wheat. The new dough is made (in part) with whole wheat flour...and includes a lot of cracked wheat which lends a great crunch to a pizza.
Our dough, and your imagination.
Tree-Top Fresh Pizza Dough     (makes one 12- to14-inch pie)

This all-natural pizza dough is best if used within three days from the date of purchase, or freeze. Keep refrigerated. Ingredients: unbleached wheat flour, water, salt, and yeast.

Preparation: Preheat oven to 400-450. (If using pizza stone, place stone in oven and pre-heat for 30-45 minutes. If using cookie sheet, pre-heat sheet in oven for 10 minutes).

To prepare pizza dough: Remove from refrigerator two hours prior to use (leave in plastic bag).  When ready to make your pizza, remove from bag and roll or stretch to 12-14 inches in diameter.   We suggest that you then place on a piece of parchment paper and put either on a pizza peel or upside down cookie sheet.

Top with your favorite sauce, toppings and cheese. 

If using stone, slide pizza (on parchment) onto stone; if you are using a cookie sheet slide pizza (on parchment) onto cookie sheet. Bake 10-15 minutes or until done to your liking (oven temperatures and conditions vary). Check bottom of pizza to determine doneness.

Freezing pizza dough: Freeze as soon as you can after purchase. To use, remove from freezer and defrost in refrigerator overnight. Follow directions for preparation.

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