Friday, March 7, 2014

Jardin du Luxembourg

A Walk In The Park

 Beautiful building design on the the way to Luxembourg Gardens.

 We just imagine what this block looks like when this manicured trees are leaved out in Summer

You see it all over Paris — young boys (and girls) playing ball and enjoying outside activities. Yesterday (while we baked in the wood-fired oven in Montreuil) we watched a dozen kids for nearly four hours — until sunset! That doesn't mean they aren't "connected," they just aren't stuck behind a desk for hours at a time (like kids in the US).

 The French Senate is located at the north end of Luxembourg Park.

 In the Summer this big pool in the park is filled with tiny battery-operated boats.

 The park's famous "green chairs" are all ready for Spring and Summer visitors.

 "Checking in"..... wireless service is plentiful and cheap in Paris --- that is if you're French, and have mobile service. "Free" wi-fi is free to French customers, but it not open to visitors. Arrange an international data package if you want service here like you have in the US.

 The shape of these rows of trees has been developed over many years of careful pruning.

 So classic...

 Pigeons everywhere!

 Spring flowers in a bed near the side of the Senate.

 Empty tables in a small park restaurant, coffeehouse.

 Merry-go-round ride operator holds out "rings" for riders to snag as they ride round and round, seen at many parks around Paris.

Flowers at a stand just outside the park — on the way home.

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