Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Countdown Is On... Only Four More Markets This Season

Again this week, we bring back old favorites 
and new ones.  
Last week to enjoy Lemon Dessert Cake, Sonoma Fruit

With only four weeks left this market season, we're running out of time to bake all your favorites. So this week we continue letting you know what will be the final bake for certain items.
This Saturday will be the last time this year we'll be baking: 
  • Lemon Dessert Cake: A delicious, moist vanilla cake with a luscious lemon filling inside and on top of the cake. It's topped with a generous amount of our butter streusel which adds another textural layer to a delicious dessert.
  • Mighty Millet: Described by several customers as "the best bread" we bake, this flat round loaf is full of millet seeds and flecked with poppy seeds. It's a rich, moist wonderful bread that makes amazing sandwiches
  • Sonoma Fruit: This is the great fruit-filled loaf we found in Australia earlier this year. Lightly spiced, this whole wheat-spelt bread includes lots of figs, dates, apricots and two kinds of is a very special loaf. 
  • Pumpkin-Craisin Scones: The flavors of fall come together in this moist scone with dried cranberries.
 For a full list of this weeks island-baked treats, check out our website.

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