Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Start Your Saturday With Us

Sprouted Wheat
One of our most popular breads is back again this year.  Sprouted Wheat starts out Tuesday morning as 20+ pounds of hard spring wheat berries.  They're poured into a large container and filled with water that's changed twice a day until Thursday morning.  By that point the grains have softened and begun to sprout.  Thursday afternoon the soaked berries are ground into a mash and then refrigerated until the dough is mixed Friday afternoon.  Each loaf includes more than a pound of the sprouted berries, a touch of salt, yeast and a very small portion of hi-gluten flour (to help provide structure to the bread). The loaf has a great texture, is slightly sweet, and is like nothing else we bake. Stop by Saturday for a sample...and add Sprouted Wheat Bread to your list of TTB favorites.

24-hours after first being soaked, grains have swollen nearly twice their size.

 Dough ready for final proof.

Last Minute Addition...

A very tender buttery pastry (kind of a cross between Danish Pastry and a cookie).  Topped with either raspberry or Apple. 

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