Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Time away from the ovens is a good thing for all bakers.  Our short trip to Oregon provided us with a bit of much needed rest and also a chance to check up on some bakeries we  have not visited "you can take the baker out of the bakery, but not the bakery out of the baker".

The first stop was not bakery at all, it was the pizza restaurant  Apizza Schollls in the Hawthorne neighborhood of Southeast Portland (this area deserves a much closer look, it is great!).  The restaurant has a high rating on Yelp, and reviews recommend getting there early unless you want to wait in the line that forms down the street as the evening progresses (they do not take reservations).

The starter... A great "full leaf" Caesar salad.  

 A very simple pizza...Apizza Margherita

Their take on the classic Margherita—tomato sauce, mozzarella (whole milk and fresh), peccorino romano/grana padano, fresh garlic, extra virgin olive oil and fresh basil.

After spending the night in Forest Grove, and picking up candied fruit for baking we we headed to Milwaukee Oregon and Bob's Red Mill Natural Foods. We used a variety of their flours and whole grains, it was a great chance to see their full lineup of products.  

Now on to the bakery.... Baker & Spice.  Baker & Spice is located in southwest Portland in the thriving Hillsdale community. We arrived in time for the morning breakfast rush, the bakery was filled with young happy people, and the bakery production area is is full view, and from the look of it, t hey have a thriving business going on.

 It's "what's for breakfast...." bakery style

Bread Pudding (some of the best we have had yet), Maple Twist (Danish pasty drizzled with Vermont maple glaze), and Katie Bun (Danish pastry covered in brown sugar, cinnamon and golden raisins).

Mike's Ice Cream, Hood River Oregon


If you don't like ice cream, you have no business reading this review.  However if you do, YUMMY, you need to put Mikes on your quest for the best ice cream on this planet.  This is THE PLACE for honest, real flavors. 


Now For This Week @ Tree-Top Baking

 Apple Strudel

Flaky puff pastry encases luscious apples (and filling)....this week's feature. 

Portuguese Sweet Bread And Angel Food Cake Returns

For a full list of this week's offerings.... Read More

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