Thursday, March 1, 2012

Visiting a palace....

We're not ones for doing "touristy" things, but Versailles is too spectacular not to make an exception. This amazing chateau (for Louis XV and Louis XVI) with immense French formal gardens is only a 45-minute train ride from Paris and on a hazy day wasn't crowded --- we waited in line "only" an hour to get tickets. The Hall of Mirrors (above) is spectacular.

Fit for a king (and queen) --- the royal table service under glass. The king's table is (was) surrounded by no-back seats where guests watched the royals dine. Restored rooms showed glitter --- and plenty of gold --- an amazing opulence.

In the gardens --- now fairly drab (with daffodils and tulips just showing their heads) in Winter colors or brown and dark green --- these cherubs await Spring...and the return of sun and, of course, tourists.

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