Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Doors Of Paris

Strolling the streets (and passageways) of Paris, what impressed us most were the wonderful, wide double doorways.

(photos courtesy MC Farine)

I asked our friend and fellow blogger MC Farine (in Paris at the same time) about these entrances and she had this fascinating story. "This door is called a porte cochère. What you have there is a detail of une porte cochère (so named because typically wide and high enough for a coche — a carriage to be driven into the courtyard.")

(photo courtesy MC Farine)
While the doors in the following photos are not true "porte cochère", nevertheless, they are spectacular.

"Sunday Brunch"

The doors vary widely, some new, some very old, some painted, some natural. 

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  1. Gorgeous details! Among many others, I find spectacular the cercle of ironwork "lace" around a young lady's head. On a different note, I also love the weatherbeaten look of some of the doors. One cannot help wonder what they have witnessed... Thank you for this post (although it makes me impatient to go back already!).