Friday, June 3, 2011

New Items This Week...

Late Spring On The Bird Feeder
Our pair posing for photos... 
 We are introducing a few new items this week...
Sunflower Rye: This bread is a heavy dense "toothsome" rye with toasted sunflower seeds inside and rolled in more.  This bread will be baked in  unusual pans we got while in  Australia.
They are much deeper but narrower and shorter than the US made pans.  They make a really cool loaf of bread! 

Portuguese Sweet Bread: A soft sweet round bread (also known as Hawaiian Sweet Bread), The bread is usually served simply with butter and is sometimes eaten with meals (breakfast in particular), but often as a dessert. Portuguese sweet bread is common in both Hawaiian cuisine and New England cuisine as it was brought to those regions by their large Portuguese immigrant populations. (photo to come)

New South Wales Banana Caramel Cake: New South Wales Banana-Caramel Cake. This moist, perfect Summer sour cream cake includes whole wheat and white flours and lots of ripe bananas. It's topped with a brown-sugar caramel icing. Wow!

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