Sunday, April 24, 2011

Just A Preview Of Things To Come

Cinnamon Rolls, Pecan Sticky Buns...

Five-Seed Multigrain and Sough Whidbey Sourdough...

Challah, plain or seeded...

Danish Kringle Pastry... get it this week, it won't be back for a month!

 This week we also will be baking some new treats we discovered while visiting Australia this winter.
      Lamingtons: Delicate sponge type cake, cut into squares, dipped in a chocolate glazed and rolled in dessicated coconut. 
     ANZAC Biscuits: A crunchy oat/coconut cookie, they are super great with a great cup of coffee or tea. 
     Sonoma Fruit Loaf: If you like a slightly spiced bread, studded with dried fruits, this one is for you. This bread, some good cheese (think Little Brown Farm's fresh goat cheese) and a glass of wine is all you need. 

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