Sunday, January 23, 2011

The most incedible market we've ever visited....

Enter and be could spend several days exploring everything that's here.

The headline says it all: this is the most incredible market we've ever visited. That's not to say there may not be similar places around the world...but we haven't seen them. The Queen Victoria Market has it all: Meat, seafood, pasta, bread, cheese, produce, donuts, deli items, spices, wines, a big "trash and treasures" area, and dozens and dozens of places to eat warm, freshly prepared meals. We're going back. And if you like to shop, you should, your trip to Melbourne's Summer here! QVM is the kind of place we'd like Pike Place Market to be. (Prices are per kilo. To figure the price per-pound, divide by 2.2)

It's not all our style...but this bakery stand has a large following. They're three deep waiting their turn.

Lots of cookies -- and cakes....and just about everything else you can think of!

Deli meats here...lots of sausages elsewhere. There's more than 30 stores selling meats

Fresh ground "mince". Buy the met and they'll custom grind it.

Crab, lobster, shrimp....and everything else from the sea

A new take on BYOB....bring your empty bottle (or buy one) and have it filled from the barrel at "Re-Wine"


Nuts, dried fruit, peas and beans and........

Everybody's got a basket --- a full basket! Bayview Farmers Market needs these.

 There's a line 15-deep (on the other side of the van)  for glazed raised donuts.... 5/$6

Want a bottle? This producer sell his own at the market.

More inexpensive produce.

Navigating the aisles gets interesting --- this is where LOCALS shop five days a week!

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