Thursday, January 27, 2011

A last-minute (unplanned) bakery visit

We were only planning to get coffee and a breakfast pastry when we stopped by the Alexandria Bourke Street Bakery this morning. Then we started a conversation with the staff and they said co-owner Paul Allam (below) was around. He came out, offered a firm handshake and smile and gave us a short tour. Bourke Street Bakery is probably the most successful artisan bakery in Sydney. Their breads and pastries are spot-on. Among the beautiful breads being offered today was a pillowy olive ciabatta, their signature sourdough and an unusual (to us) flaxeed/soy(bean) bread. We hope to experiment over the next few months to come up with a number of Australian-inspired products for the market. 

Shaping bread to be baked for a busy Saturday at the company's three stores

Most bakeries we've seen use stainless steel benches

Some beautiful loaves just out of the oven.

Sourdough and ciabatta

And, of course, baguettes --- the most beautiful we've seen since we arrived.

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