Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day 4 -- Boat to Parramatta (train back to Sydney)

Swimmer in glass-bottom rooftop pool unaware of photographers six stories below

We've been doing a lot of walking the past few today we took other forms of transportation....a Sydney Ferry to hour ride on a smaller catamaran-style boat. The downtown was deserted...but two hours later in a gigantic Westfield Mall (six stories spread over what hat to be six blocks above and underground with literally dozens and dozens of food court choices on every level) we found where lots of locals spend a Sunday. After being dazed by it all, we went to the lower level and hopped on a CityRail train back to Sydney. Later we returned to Circular Quay, explored around The Rocks, and ate and drank outside at The Australian Heritage Hotel. We managed to stay up until after dark (hard for most of our friends to hear, I know) and Gerry good some great shots of the Sydney Bridge at night.

On the water --- it started out as a gray day.
The Parramatta gets pretty narrow upstream!

Very quiet main drag in Parramatta...the action was in a mall nearby

CityRail is a great way to get around --- frequent trains all over the city and burbs

Lots of beer to choose from at the Australian Heritage Hotel

Moroccan Lamb pizza --- it was wonderful!

The view you've seen before is even more incredible in person. You've got to visit this amazing place.

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